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If you need interpreters for simultaneous translation jobs in Rio de Janeiro, this post will be useful. We are going to share an experience we had in the city of Rio de Janeiro at one of our many interpretation jobs; we chose this job because it took place in the auditorium of the beautiful Future Museum.

Our company is called Interpretes Profissionais and we have been working in Rio de Janeiro for many years; we own an apartment there, so we travel frequently to the city and do not need hotel accommodation. In this post you will read about this one job particular job we did in Rio. This is just an example, we work for many companies in Rio de Janeiro, for multinationals and Brazilian companies from all states. After Covid-19 we are also working remotely using many different platforms.


Rio de Janeiro is almost impossibly beautiful, with its white beaches and areas full of green mountains, close to the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it be from the streets of the city during carnival in February or during the lazy afternoons on Copacabana beach, life is infused with the sounds of samba and the quest for a good life.

We worked with simultaneous translation in Rio de Janeiro at the Future Museum, during a 3 day event about public policies. In addition to the fantastic, modern and first-world museum, we were able to check out their excellent auditorium. Facing diagonally towards the sky in the area of the old port of Rio de Janeiro, it is a building from another world; it looks like a cross between a solar powered dinosaur and a giant air conditioning unit.

It has the perfect structure for holding events and our team is prepared to work there or in any of the other excellent venues, such as hotels and  event rooms in Rio, If your audience is small, less than 40 people, we also have portable equipment for simultaneous translation, which works very well; in this case you don’t need a booth, the interpreters translate softly from a place where they can hear the speaker well. For less than 5 listeners, it is not necessary to hire a technician, but for over 5 people we always take a technician who looks after the equipment, distributes and collects the headphones.

The Future Museum, is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the world. It is also one of the most powerful arguments on the planet when the topic is sustainability.

Mixing science and art, the 50 million dollar institution is dedicated to a topic that is controversial and often depressing: the need for change so that humanity can avoid climate disasters, environmental degradation and social collapse.

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In addition to simultaneous translation in Rio de Janeiro, we also do consecutive and remote interpretation. As mentioned, we rent out portable equipment, which is perfect for small groups; we have 40 receivers and 06 transmitters, it is extremely professional and works very well. Well worth the low investment ! Request a document with photos and further explanations about out portable simultaneous translation equipment at

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