Simultaneous translation at international conferences is essential to allow participants from different countries to communicate without language barriers. This practice involves hiring professional interpreters who translate speakers’ speeches in real time.

Simultaneous translation at international conferences

Simultaneous translation at international conferences

Specific equipment is used, such as headphones and booths for interpreters, as well as receivers for listeners. These devices allow conference participants to hear real-time translation directly into their headphones, making multilingual communication accessible and convenient.

However, it is worth highlighting that, despite technological advances, simultaneous interpretation still largely depends on the work of human interpreters. They play a key role in correctly interpreting conference content and delivering the message accurately to attendees.

In short, simultaneous translation at international conferences is made possible through specific technologies and devices. The presence of professional interpreters is essential to ensure accurate and effective translation.

Interpretation at international conferences takes place with quality, providing understanding of the subject being discussed. It is common to see this type of service taking place at events, such as those on the economy in Davos in Switzerland, United Nations events, FIFA sports events, the Olympics, international shows, celebrities, and much more.

You hear the professional’s voice speaking over the singer or an interviewee while understanding everything that is said, without the need for subtitles.

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