Video showing consecutive translation of coaching in Brazil

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Interpreter Vivian Haynes providing consecutive translation services during a coaching event for parents (mostly mothers)
What is consecutive translation ?
The advantages of working with interpreters
Consecutive translation for short lectures

In May, interpreter Vivian Haynes was in charge of the consecutive translation at a coaching event for parents of small children. It was a very interesting talk about the behavior of parents and the education of children.

Video showing consecutive translation of coaching in Brazil

What is consecutive translation?

The video demonstrates very well how this type of translation works. In this case, the lecturer spoke slowly, waiting for the translation which was done by the interpreter Vivian Haynes. Notice there is a clear understanding of what the speaker is saying about the topic.

It is interesting to note the intonation of the interpreter, always following the nuances of the speaker; this makes all the difference in the final quality of the job.

Why did you use consecutive translation during this event for parents?

Vivian Haynes, intérprete executando tradução para coaching na palestra

In the video you can see that the room was small, with no space to install an interpreters booth. Consecutive translation works well for small events, with few people participating. That is why during business meetings, for example, it is common to use this translation format.

For audiences with few people and short events, consecutive translation is often recommended .

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