Simultaneous translation in São José dos Campos, a city that lies approximately 90 km from the capital of the state of São Paulo and is well known for the aeronautics industry, ITA (university), for being a technology hub and a very nice place. Thousands of people visit the area to see the natural beauty of the nearby Mantiqueira Sierra, as well as towns such as  Campos do Jordão, especially in winter.

But it is not limited to that. This inland city in the state of  São Paulo is capable of attracting people on many occasions, such as events, training sessions, workshops, meetings, congresses, conferences and seasonal courses, thanks to the good infrastructure in place and the excellent hotel network. It is also a city with great food.

The city is perfect for events with simultaneous translation in São José dos Campos

Notice the events held in the city, as there is a good flow of public besides adequate infrastructure.

Fashion Time: an important fashion event. There are lectures, parades and plenty of innovation. There are also international participants, so simultaneous translation is a must.

Home and Decoration: an event that attracts businessmen from all over Brazil, the theme being civil construction and interior decoration. It involves many exhibitors, novelties in the segment of construction and decoration, lectures and more.

ITA: the college campus is almost like a small town and the university hosts many foreign visitors; we have done the simultaneous translation at numerous events on campus. The last one was about Industry 4.0. We are a simultaneous translation company with years of experience.

One of the most sought after services by event organizers is simultaneous translation, with professional interpreters. In some cases there is a preference for hiring companies close to the event due to the ease of communication, logistics (lower cost with transportation).

For those looking for simultaneous translation in São José dos Campos, our company,  Intérpretes Profissionais is one of the best options. Located in São Paulo, very close to the city, it has robust partnerships with the best interpreters in Brazil for translations from and into English, Spanish, French and even Mandarin. We worked for one month training at the Heatcraft company in São José dos Campos, interpreting Chinese engineers who came to teach about the new refrigeration machines for counters; it was a success.

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