Simultaneous Translation Technology event in Brazil

Simultaneous Translation Technology event in Brazil took place on May 30 and 31 in São Paulo; VTex Day  the largest e-commerce and digital innovation event in Latin America, bringing together 15,000 participants at the São Paulo Expo Imigrantes hall. VTex day is the third largest e-commerce event in the world due to the quality of the content, the participation of renowned professionals from Brazil and abroad, and to show the market trends in advance. From 1.2 visitors in 2013, the event grew year by year, and this year’s event was attended by over 15 thousand people. The interpretation of this technology event took place both in the upstairs rooms of Expo São Paulo and on the exhibition floor.

Simultaneous Translation Technology event Brazil

Simultaneous Translation Technology event in Brazil

During the two days of the event, VTEX DAY 2019 enabled the public to immerse themselves in the innovation and technology market. The numbers confirm this; there were 15 thousand participants, over 170 exhibitors, numerous speakers, and 45 thousand square meters of space dedicated to the meeting. On the first day Barack Obama gave a presentation and was translated by colleague Julia Almeida; on the second day there were several different presentations, all with simultaneous translation. Ricardo Amorim, entrepreneur, journalist and presenter, Paulo Corra, CEO of C & A, Zia Daniel, global content head of Shoptalk, Angela Cearns, general manager of Pizza Hut International, Mariano Gomide de Faria, founder and co-CEO of VTEX, Patricia Meirelles, founder and presenter of the Patricia Meirelles TV channel and Geraldo Thomaz, founder and co-CEO of VTEX, among many others.

I worked doing the simultaneous translation at the invitation of Julia Almeida and Hugo F. Costa of Per Litteras Translations, sharing the booth with intepreter Ângela Zarate; after, we had the opportunity to stroll through the fair and take some photos. A great event and a wonderful opportunity ! Interpreting the  event VTex Day in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo was really cool.

Interpreters – Simultaneous Translation for Brazil

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