Zoom meetings with simultaneous translation; we have been working with the zoom app frequently, doing the simultaneous translation of webinars and meetings.

Some customers ask us what is the difference between a webinar and a zoom meeting? Imagine a classroom; the webinar aims to imitate a classroom and the participants (who would be the students) enter with microphones and cameras closed. The speakers or panelists (the term Zoom uses in the English version) would be the teachers; for these, treated as VIP’s, it is possible to send an invitation from within the zoom account so that they receive a customized link. When the individual enters the event, he or she already enters as a speaker or panelist. This is very good for large events, where if the person does not have a special link, and enters as a participant, he or she may be lost in the crowd of other participants, especially if the zoom account is not in the name of that person which would make him easy to find and promote to panelist .

Zoom simultaneous translation meeting

A zoom event with author Susan Wise Bauer, who specializes in history, with simultaneous translation

In the meeting configuration of the zoom application with simultaneous translation, the participants enter with open microphones and cameras and there is no such division. There is also no invitation or special link. Only interpreters receive a link to do their job. Meetings are more difficult to maintain discipline, as participants often forget open microphones and in this case all the environmental sounds are heard. It could be a dog barking, a baby crying, a lawn mower next door, someone banging nails on the top floor, and so on. The moderator must take great care to close these open microphones and monitor this carefully.

Simultaneous translation works very well for both webinars and meetings (meeting format). Zoom has an add-on, like a plug-in, that means, it is necessary to pay an additional amount to obtain the simultaneous translation functionality. Unfortunately, Zoom called this add-on WEBINAR, which is actually a very unfortunate name, because webinar is a type of configuration that mimics a classroom and the name of the functionality that enables interpretation should be different! This add-on costs the equivalent of US $ 40.00 per month for a subscription and can be renewed every 30 days.

Zoom meetings with simultaneous translation: if you have questions about the difference between a meeting and a webinar with simultaneous translation on zoom, send your questions to our WhatsApp or Telegram and we will answer as soon as possible,  55 11 9 9934 4647. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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