Platforms with simultaneous translation: I am often asked which platforms exist on the internet that work with simultaneous translation; the answer is that there are several, with very different prices. In the United States you will find Kudo, Interprenet that uses a platform called Interprefy, among others. They work very well, and are very professional, but they are expensive.

In Brazil, most people and companies end up opting for the Zoom platform, which already has built-in simultaneous translation functionality for an additional amount of US$ 40.00 per month. It’s not perfect, but it works well and gets the job done. Zoom does not stream the translation to YouTube or Facebook, that is, you only hear the simultaneous translation if you are listening through Zoom itself.

Another feature where translation does not work is in break-out rooms, that is, when the client decides to divide the group into sub-groups and each sub-group stays in a different room. In this case, the zoom interpretation works only in the main room.

What is important for us interpreters is to have an output channel for us to speak and an input channel for us to listen. Several workarounds can be used, such as listening through Webex, WhatsApp, Whereby or through Teams and translating through Zoom. The important thing is to rehearse beforehand to ensure that the option chosen will work perfectly on the day of your event.

I think that in the future other platforms will introduce this functionality, because after the pandemic, simultaneous translation became globalized and this remote service became extremely popular. Stay tuned and we’ll update this post when we have news about it.

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