Simultaneous translation for traveling

Simultaneous translation for traveling: Quite often we receive questions about simultaneous translation for traveling, for individuals and companies. As it is not a cheap service, we normally provide this service for multinational companies. The customer must bear the expenses of local or international travel, accommodation in a 3-star hotel or above, half a day for travel [...]

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Webex simultaneous translation Portuguese

Webex simultaneous translation Portuguese In our globalized world, it’s more and more important to help people communicate no matter where they are, or what language they speak. Webex has been working hard to  remove language barriers to communication. Automated language translation may work sometimes, but in important meetings and webinars, live interpreters are  required to capture the nuances of [...]

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Face-to-face Simultaneous Translation Brazil

Face-to-face simultaneous translation Brazil and the return to face-to-face jobs; companies are starting to prepare for the return to face-to-face work. Even with the advance of vaccination in Brazil, it is a very complicated situation. The truth is, not everyone is feeling safe going back to the office. The impacts of this feeling of insecurity can [...]

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Platforms with simultaneous translation

Platforms with simultaneous translation: I am often asked which platforms exist on the internet that work with simultaneous translation; the answer is that there are several, with very different prices. In the United States you will find Kudo, Interprenet that uses a platform called Interprefy, among others. They work very well, and are very professional, but [...]

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Zoom meetings with simultaneous translation

Zoom meetings with simultaneous translation; we have been working with the zoom app frequently, doing the simultaneous translation of webinars and meetings. Some customers ask us what is the difference between a webinar and a zoom meeting? Imagine a classroom; the webinar aims to imitate a classroom and the participants (who would be the students) enter [...]

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Tech-host Zoom webinar with English Portuguese simultaneous translation

Have you ever stopped to think about the functions and responsibility of a tech-host for a Zoom webinar with English Portuguese simultaneous translation? The tech-host function (organizer or host) allows you to control various aspects of a Zoom webinar or meeting, such as managing speakers, participants and interpreters, sharing screen presentations, pre-setting webinars or meetings and much [...]

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Simultaneous translation English Portuguese videos

Some videos by Professional Interpreters (Intérpretes Profissonais) Below is the link to our video channel on YouTube, where there are some examples of our work. Check it out !! Videos by our interpreters on Youtube   Below is an example of simultaneous interpretation, Queen Elizabeth's speech during the Covid-19 pandemic, translation done by Vivian Haynes   [...]

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Interpretation agriculture translators in Brazil

Interpretation agriculture translators in Brazil; our company, Intérpretes Profissionais worked with a group of cotton producers from western Bahia on a technical visit to the cotton regions of the United States, an excellent opportunity to learn more about agriculture in this country. The cities visited were Lubbock in Texas, Memphis in Tennessee and Chicago in Illinois. [...]

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Video showing consecutive translation of coaching in Brazil

Video showing consecutive translation of coaching in Brazil Our WhatsApp number is 55 11 9 9934 4647; we will be happy to reply to your questions and send you an estimate One of our company's competitive advantages is to show customers and future clients  exactly how we do our work . In this post we would [...]

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