Real-Time Simultaneous Translation

Real-time simultaneous translation Real-time Simultaneous Translation: The Importance of Simultaneous Translation Today Simultaneous translation plays a crucial role in various fields: International Diplomacy: High-stakes diplomatic negotiations often involve multiple languages. Simultaneous translation ensures that diplomats can communicate effectively, fostering peace, cooperation, and understanding on a global scale. Business and Trade: In the world of [...]

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English to Portuguese simultaneous translation

English to Portuguese simultaneous translation: Interpreters who translate from English to Portuguese work by listening to the speaker in English and conveying the meaning in Portuguese in real-time. They use their language skills, knowledge of both English and Portuguese, and cultural understanding to facilitate communication between English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking individuals or groups. English to Portuguese [...]

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Event with Simultaneous Translation Brazil

Event with Simultaneous Translation Brazil - The perfect event with simultaneous translation would be one where all attendees feel welcome and included, regardless of their language proficiency. To achieve this, the event should have the following characteristics: Professional Simultaneous Translation: There should be professional simultaneous translation services available throughout the event, with highly skilled and experienced [...]

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Interpreters on TikTok

Interpreters on TikTok – what is TikTok? TikTok is a video-sharing application, in which users can create and post videos — on average 15 seconds to three minutes — with music, dance, marketing, travel, fashion, merchandising, tips and much more. The app's success was magnified during Covid-19, and today it has over 1 billion active users, [...]

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Why interpreters work in pairs

Why interpreters work in pairs There are several studies that show that interpreters, who work with a high level of concentration, cannot work uniformly for long. They may start well, but after a while they will feel a bit tired and the quality of the delivery starts to drop. Simultaneous interpretation requires that three efforts occur [...]

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How does an interpreter work ?

How does an interpreter work ? Interpreting is a paid service on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, when accepting a job, an interpreter blocks the contracted period, not being able to accept another job during the same period. We have included a cancellation clause in our contracts to protect us against last-minute unforeseen events that could make [...]

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Simultaneous translation for traveling

Simultaneous translation for traveling: Quite often we receive questions about simultaneous translation for traveling, for individuals and companies. As it is not a cheap service, we normally provide this service for multinational companies. The customer must bear the expenses of local or international travel, accommodation in a 3-star hotel or above, half a day for travel [...]

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Webex simultaneous translation Portuguese

Webex simultaneous translation Portuguese In our globalized world, it’s more and more important to help people communicate no matter where they are, or what language they speak. Webex has been working hard to  remove language barriers to communication. Automated language translation may work sometimes, but in important meetings and webinars, live interpreters are  required to capture the nuances of [...]

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