Simultaneous translation at your event without hiring a booth

Simultaneous translation with portable equipment is a rental service we offer and it is perfect for small events in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or other cities in Brazil. Our company offers the perfect solution for those who need simultaneous translation for small events or meetings, and what is even better, without having to set up a translation booth. This is possible using portable translation equipment for events with no more than 40 people.

A specialized technician is available to set everything up and accompany the whole event from beginning to end.

How does the portable simultaneous translation equipment work to attend up to 40 participants in any city in Brazil?

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Simultaneous translation with portable equipment in Brazil; Ideal for smaller groups of up to 40 participants or for situations where the group is moving around, such as visits to manufacturing plants. When the interpreters use this system in a room, they sit at the back of the room, or on the side, talking into the transmitter (microphone), translating in real time, in a low voice.

The audience listens to the simultaneous translation through receivers with ear phones. In this scenario you do not need to hire a soundproof booth.

Simultaneous translation with portable equipment

Simultaneous translation with portable equipment

The equipment is state of the art, small and far-reaching.

The set contains 40 receivers and 4 transmitters in two hard cases that charge the receivers and transmitters; it also has independent chargers, avoiding the use of additional batteries. The interpreter speaks into a small wireless transmitter with an embedded mic that transmits what is said to the receivers. These are attached to headphones by a wire, and earphones are used over one ear. The translation is transmitted in real time.

The advantage of this system is that you do not need to hire a soundproof booth, and you can count on our specialized team to offer high quality interpretation and efficiency, for a successful event or meeting in Brazil.

Our interpreters are able to translate several different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Mandarim, Russian and others.

Extensive experience

Below a short list of a few clients who we have worked for in small and large events.

  • Bacardi-Martini do Brasil Indústria e Comércio
  • Bayer S/A
  • Editora Globo
  • Gtech
  • KES
  • USP
  • PUC
  • Faculdade Getúlio Vargas
  • Polícia Federal de São Paulo
  • IBM e muitas outras

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The manager of Professional Interpreters in Brazil is Vivian Haynes. She has been working with simultaneous and consecutive translation since 2000. She has worked in hundreds of events both in Brazil and in other countries. The company has partnerships with other excellent interpreters all over Brazil, offering solutions for small and large events.

For larger events

If you organize large events, congresses, conferences or meetings in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or other cities in Brazil, then you will need to hire a company that sets up a soundproof booth plus the equipment that goes with the booth;  this is where the interpreters will work while the audience uses receivers with earphones to listen to the translation that is coming from the booth.

We offer complete solutions for those who need simultaneous translation in São Paulo, where our company has its headquarters. We also work in other cities in Brazil.

Rental of translation equipment

We offer rental of simultaneous translation equipment anywhere in Brazil. We rent out a set with 40 receivers and a transmitter for the interpreter.  It comes in a case where the receivers and transmitters can be charged and the batteries last for over 12 hours.

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