We rent portable simultaneous translation equipment in Brazil for small groups of up to 40 people.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, very modern and digital. It consists of up to  40 receivers and a transmitter for the interpreter. The receivers are charged in the case.

You can contract our interpreters with the equipment, but you can also rent our equipment without the obligation of contracting interpreters.

Simultaneous translation equipment Brazil

Check the rental rates per day with Vivian Haynes at vhaynes@gmail.com or vivian@interpretesprofissionais.com.br

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Interpretation with portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, how does it work?   The interpreters have a portable transmitter with a microphone and the listeners have receivers linked to headsets. This type of interpretation is normally used for situations when you set up tours or, factory visits i.e. when there is a need to move around. It can also be used for small meetings. It should not replace regular simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation booth: it can be either permanent (built in) or portable/mobile; we have partners who can help you with this.

Equipment for simultaneous translation in Brazil: portable transmitters and receivers or a soundproof booth, headsets, microphones for the interpreter and the speakers, tabletop consoles for interpreters and amplifiers.

If you are planning on setting up a conference  with simultaenous translation equipment in Brazil and have no experience, it is best to let your provider handle this: there are very specific requirements for this kind of equipment and several ISO standards to make sure the equipment is of the best quality.

Your provider should specialize in conference interpretation equipment: a simple video or audio production company may be great at audio and video but not have enough expertise in interpreting equipment. You must also have an onsite technician to handle the equipment and this is a part of the service a professional translation agency will provide in Brazil.