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Simultaneous translation in a booth

In this mode, the interpreters work in a soundproof booth, and translate what the speaker is saying to the audience in real time. It is the most used format for congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops, training events, because communication occurs at the same time, as if they were speaking the same language. The speaker talks without interruption while the audience listens to the translation through receivers and headphones.

Our company organizes your event for any language you need, as we have a pool of interpreters  for the most commonly spoken languages as well as exotic languages such as Mandarin, Korean, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian and many others.

We also help you choose the equipment rental company (booth, sound table, headphones, receivers, transmitters, sound system, receptionists) best suited for your event.

Simultaneous translation with portable equipment

Ideal for smaller groups with up to 30 participants, or for visits and situations where the group has to stay on the move. When in a room, the interpreters sit at the back of the room, or on the side, talking softly into a microphone, in real time. Listeners listen to the simultaneous translation through receivers and headphones. In this case it is not necessary to hire the soundproof booth.

Consecutive or Intermittent Translation

In consecutive translation the person speaks and then passes on the word to the interpreter, who reproduces what was said in another language. This format increases the time of the event because everything is said twice. For those who understand both languages ​​it becomes tiring if it is a long-running event. We recommend consecutive translation for events of less than one hour and for very large audiences.

Whispering Translation

This format is for a few listeners, 1 or 2 at the most, where the interpreter sits close and translates in low volume, without using equipment.

Supplementary Translation

This format is used to accompany executives in meetings, delegations in external visits, visits to companies and factories, trade fairs, industrial facilities or even in the field, in agricultural inspections; participants may or may not use headsets, listening to the translation with mini-equipment (simultaneous) or using consecutive translation or whispering.

Video conferencing translation

Using the internet with a high quality broadcast signal, this modality allows for meetings, trainings, presentations and lectures, shortening distances, as the speaker may be in another city or even in another country. Simultaneous interpretation in this case allows the original audio to be translated simultaneously and heard by all participants logged into the event

Written Translation

A good written translation is based on accuracy when choosing words. Our team works according to the highest quality standards in any type of text.

Mini Kit portable simultaneous translation equipament (rental)

The mini-kit is a portable simultaneous translation equipment, similar to what tourism guides and museums use. Lightweight, practical, economical, easy to use, booth-less and can be used indoors or outdoors. For groups of up to 5 people, the interpreter takes care of the equipment, distributes and collects. For larger groups we send a technician. Great for groups of up to 30 people. It does not use batteries and the radios are loaded in a portable case, lasting over 18 hours. Modern and digital.

Examples of other events with simultaneous translation

International or national symposiums, corporate events, audits, certifications, shareholder meetings, technical visits, government and diplomatic events, commissions, inaugurations and product launches, marriages, market research, interviews and focus groups are some other examples of events where we work with simultaneous translation.


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