Interpreters on TikTok – what is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing application, in which users can create and post videos — on average 15 seconds to three minutes — with music, dance, marketing, travel, fashion, merchandising, tips and much more.

The app’s success was magnified during Covid-19, and today it has over 1 billion active users, making it the largest social network in the world. What does TikTok mean? The word “TikTok” comes from the onomatopoeia tick-tock, which imitates the noise made by clocks. The term is also used to mark actions in a short period of time. The name of the social network refers to the short clips of users, which are the attraction of TikTok.

It offers users a variety of features, with effects and sounds available to be used in videos. In addition, the platform recently made available the option to add videos reacting to other people’s content. Finally, an attractive feature of the tool is the possibility of adding your own sounds and being able to create a trend on the platform.

Interpreters on TikTok

Interpreters on TikTok

The big difference between TikTok and its competitors is the ability to produce good quality videos with the resources available in the phone app. As users realize that they can create interesting material with the tools available, they are more inclined to produce more posts.

How does an interpreter work

On TikTok, videos become famous when they go viral on the platform. When you start working on the social network and dedicate your efforts to getting a good number of views, your videos may go viral. We at Intérpretes Profissionais, have created an account on TikTok called tradução-simultanea (in Portuguese) and the idea is that Interpreters on TikTok appear in the form of avatars, or puppets, using a special puppet software.

As a result, we hope to attract potential clients to the simultaneous translation business by understanding how it works, requesting quotes and participating in our channel.


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