Simultaneous translation interpreters Brazilian Portuguese 

To get an idea of some of our recent jobs, read about some of the work we have done recently using simultaneous translation interpreters with Brazilian Portuguese. Our company has been working in Brazil since 2000 as the provider for Brazilian Portuguese interpreters at many events in need of this service. For those looking for excellent and professional interpreters, you have come to the right place.

Simultaneous translation interpreters Brazilian Portuguese

Simultaneous translation interpreters Brazilian Portuguese

Dentsply Sirona Convention: in January we were responsible for the simultaneous interpreting for the Dentsply Sirona Convention event (dental materials). We translatated the first Brazilian astronaut to step on the moon, Marcos Cesar Pontes, who delivered an incredibly good motivational speech. Currently he is the Science Minister for Brazil. 

IPAF: event dealing with aerial platforms such as cranes and other heavy equipment needed for construction. The organizers relied on our experience for the simultaneous translation for interpreters with Brazilian Portuguese and very good English at this important event. 

Chilli Beans Cruise: a four day cruise to Ilhabela and Balneário Camboriú, with Pablo Vittar delivering a memorable show, fashion parades and all night parties, among other attractions. The English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish interpreters worked on the Costa Favolosa ship; the cruise was a reward for the best franchisees and influencers of the brand.

World Water Forum in Brasilia: with over 60 interpreters at the event, translating to and from  7 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. Some delegations brought their own professionals.

International Seminar for Mothers: we did the consecutive translation into Portuguese, interpreting the well-known British parent coach, Lorraine Thomas.

Coffee Exporters Event, in Guarujá: this is an event that takes place in Guarujá every two years for professionals working in the coffee export market. An initiative of the Commercial Association of Santos (ACS), and Chamber of Coffee Exporters. 

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Is it expensive to hire simultaneous translation interpreters with Brazilian Portuguese ?

If you organize events or need an interpreter to accompany you on your travels for meetings and events, it is a positive investment. Simultaneous translation fees vary according to the event and location. For example, according to the National Union of Translators, for up to 6 hours work with 2 interpreters, the fee for each professional is on average R $ 1,800.00 Brazilian reals. In general, the additional hour is charged at 25% of this amount, or R $ 450,00 Brazilian reals per additional hour, per interpreter. Depending on the location, there is also the cost of transportation, lodging and food for the interpreter. Read our article: How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil

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