How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil

Almost all event organizers acknowledge the importance of simultaneous translation, a useful resource to provide agile communication between people of different languages. But if you need to hire an interpreter for the first time, you might be wondering: how much does hiring this professional cost? How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil ?

According to the National Union of Translators ( SINTRA ), for work of up to 6 hours with 2 interpreters, the fee for each professional is on average R $ 1,980.00 (for each interpreter) Brazilian reals (fee valid for 2022). In general, additional hours are charged at 25% of this amount, or approximately R $ 495.00 Brazilian reals per additional hour, per interpreter. However, each company can adopt different fees ​​for extra hours, depending on how many working days they are, how many additional hours, and so on.

For simultaneous translation in Brazil lasting over one hour and a half,  a second interpreter is required, because every half hour they alternate, which avoids the mental wear of the professional, maintaining the quality of the communication. If the topic is very difficult, this can happen every twenty minutes.

For simultaneous translation requiring one interpreter and lasting less than one hour and a half, the fee is approximately R$ 2.090,00 (two thousand and ninety Brazilian reals)

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How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil

How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil

How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil ? Over the internet?

Usually the amount charged for simultaneous translation work  over the internet (eg video conferencing with zoom or other platforms) is similar to that of general events.

Our company  offers simultaneous translation over the internet, for events or meetings held through this channel. It is an interesting resource for quality communication between participants of different languages. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this became the norm.

Some companies conduct training sessions in various cities in Brazil. Often the subject is complex and the interpreters study hard to do a great job. If you hire different interpreters in each city, the quality of the work will be inferior. To keep up the same quality, it is much better to always hire the same pair, as they have already studied and are adequately prepared.

Once a major construction company decided to use a group of local English teachers to translate to a group of British auditors from a large hydroelectric plant in Porto Velho, Rondônia; the teachers did not do well at all and a group of interpreters had to be recruited hastily in São Paulo to travel and do the work. In the end, the interpreters were highly praised by the auditors and the company acknowledged that they had been wrong. The work was a success.

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