Spanish simultaneous translation in Brazil, who is the ideal interpreter? Many people think it is easy to speak and understand Spanish because of the similarities in relation to the Portuguese language. Make no mistake, there are words that are similar but have another meaning. In addition, the accent can be quite confusing, as each country has a totally different accent;  Spanish (Castilian) spoken in Argentina is very different from Spanish spoken in Venezuela or Colombia. To avoid problems in communication during your business trips or at events and congresses, always use qualified professional interpreters, for simultaneous Spanish translation services.

A Spanish interpreter must pay close attention so that he or she does not fall into the trap of false cognates. His or her experience is fundamental, and in this regard our company has a great advantage, after all, we have been working since 2000, and have attended hundreds of companies successfully.

Simultaneous translation with state-of-the-art equipment

In the case of events with the participation of Spanish speakers, both for speakers and participants or visitors to fairs and events, the equipment must be of high quality. At small events or meetings with up to 40 participants, we have digital equipment and the booth is not used. We have portable equipment for rent with 40 receivers and up to 4 microphones (transmitters) for the speakers and a transmitter set for the interpreter. We can attend several small meetings going on in different rooms simultaneously.

It is very important that the equipment has an excellent sound quality for the interpreter to work well, after all, in the case of the Spanish language, any noise that disrupts, can have very negative results.

What is the price of the service provided by a Spanish interpreter?

We usually follow the fees of SINTRA,  National Union of Translators, the values ​​depend a lot on the location, the subject of the event and the duration.

How to choose the best interpreter?

Rule number 1 is to know for which events the interpreter or translation company has worked for. We have worked at events with translation from and into Spanish on several occasions. For example:

1. Chilli Beans Cruise: from February 5 and 6, a 4-day cruise to Ilha Bela, Balneário Camboriú, with a Pablo Vittar show, fashion shows, dancing, etc. A ship is always chartered by the brand.

2. IPAF: an event about aerial platforms: cranes, and other heavy equipment for civil construction. These are just a few examples, the list of customers is long.

The services offered also include interpreters for travels and meetings, consecutive translation and equipment rental, among other solutions. The variety shows you how diverse our company is. After the Covid-19 pandemic, we also began translating remotely using platforms such as Kudo, Interprenet, Zoom and others. 

Here is a list of satisfied clients

We are located in São Paulo, and we attend all of Brazil, especially events in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Campinas and Curitiba. Our WhatsApp for Spanish simultaneous translation in Brazil is 55 11 99934 4647, speak to Vivian