Have you ever stopped to think about the functions and responsibility of a tech-host for a Zoom webinar with English Portuguese simultaneous translation? The tech-host function (organizer or host) allows you to control various aspects of a Zoom webinar or meeting, such as managing speakers, participants and interpreters, sharing screen presentations, pre-setting webinars or meetings and much more .

The tech-host can share privileges with another user that we will call co-host, allowing him to manage various other aspects of the meeting, controlling the participants, opening or closing cameras or microphones, taking care of the chat room, monitoring questions and responses (Q&A), starting and ending polls and even starting and stopping the recording. The tech-host can assign a co-host or even multiple co-hosts. There is no limitation on the number of co-hosts you can have in a meeting or webinar.

Co-hosts do not have access to the following controls, as they are only available as host controls: a small

Start a live stream to Youtube or Facebook.

End the webinar or meeting for all participants.

Promote a participant to speaker or panelist.

Promote a speaker or panelist to co-host.

Promote one or more interpreters to co-hosts.

Start breakout rooms or move participants from one breakout room to another.

Start the waiting room (co-hosts can place participants in the waiting room or admit / remove participants from the waiting room)

Co-hosts cannot start a meeting, either. If a tech-host needs someone else to start the meeting, he can designate an alternate host.

Simultaneous translation Zoom webinar

Simultaneous translation Zoom webinar

The tech-host monitors Zoom before and throughout the event, taking care of the initial configuration of the webinar or meeting, inviting speakers and interpreters; if the event is by prior registration, the tech-host takes care of this by sending the invitations, creating the logo and banner for the event, opening and closingmicrophones and video cameras, solving connection issues, the entry and exit of speakers and participants, sharing the presentations on the screen , recording the event, editing the final video and issuing the different reports that interest the client.


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