Simultaneous Translation Campinas
In this article we will share our experience of providing simultaneous interpreting services in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo. We participated in an important event at UNICAMP and had the pleasure of doing the simultaneous translation for the participants.
We are interpreters and we work frequently in Campinas, both at universities and at different companies. We have lodging in the city, we only charge the additional toll fees and gasoline.

Simultaneous translation in Campinas

Simultaneous translation in Campinas

About the Unicamp event

Our company was responsible for the simultaneous translation carried out in Campinas recently at UNICAMP at the EDUCORP space , the School of Corporate Education of Unicamp, created in 2016.
The event that we translated at Unicamp – Campinas was filled with demographers, historians, geographers, statisticians, mathematicians and other students of counting and population registers. We translated demographers from India showing how the fertility rate of Indian women has fallen, we learned how the Brazilian population was counted in colonial times. I found it especially interesting to hear that many records – births, marriages, and deaths – were done by churches. However children were considered “soulless” until the age of 7, so they were often only recorded at this age, causing a significant bias in the population count. We translated Indians, Norwegians, Latin Americans, attendees from all over the world. All very informative and productive.

Simultaneous translation Campinas; it is interesting to note how many professions are involved in population studies, including geography, mathematics, statistics, social sciences, anthropology, history, and many other sciences.
We have interpreters in Campinas to perform simultaneous high quality translations for your event or business meeting. We have a staff ready to attend in the city. Call or email WhatsApp to Vivian Haynes 11 9 9934 4647.

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