The Bandeirantes Communications Group and the Smithsonian Channel announced a partnership in an event while launching the new channel at the São Paulo Planetarium; the simultaneous translation of the Smithsonian Channel event in Brazil was done by Vivian Haynes and Arthur Dias.

What is the Smithsonian Channel and what does it mean?

The Smithsonian Channel is a place where curiosity is intense, where inspiration reigns and wonders never cease. This is the place to view inspiring stories, incredible documentaries and entertainment never seen before. The Smithsonian Channel has an award-winning programming that brings a new light on popular genres such as air and space, history, science, technology, nature and even pop culture and music.

The Planetarium Professor Aristóteles Orsini, also known as the Ibirapuera Planetarium, located in Ibirapuera Park, in the city of São Paulo, was the scene of this event. Unfortunately the place is in bad conditions, with failures in electricity, everything was extremely precarious. The company that catered for the cocktail took a microwave oven to heat the snacks, but it could not be used because if they used it, the whole place would be without power. A disaster.

Smithsonian Channel Brazil simultaneous translation

Smithsonian Channel Brazil simultaneous translation

Minister Marcos Pontes gave a short speech, the mayor and the governor of São Paulo sent recorded messages and did not attend.

In the opening week (April 26-30), the Smithsonian Channel will feature attractions representing all of their programming genres, including: history, travel, aviation, space exploration, science, nature and music. The great attractions are the successes of the channel’s collection, which are still unheard of by the Brazilian public.

The event was very pleasant with a good audience, if it had not been for the pitiful state of our beloved Planetarium. Unfortunately many of our public venues are abandoned, with no appropriate maintenance. We hope that it will receive funds to be refurbished so it can be put to it’s full use and capacity in the future; São Paulo deserves to have a decent Planetarium !!!

Virtual simultaneous translation Portuguese

Simultaneous translation Brazil