Simultaneous Translation Religious Affairs

We have been working in France for a month, doing the simultaneous translation of religious affairs at a training conference for the religious sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Sisters, in Angers, France. The headquarters of the congregation is in the friendly town of Angers, which lies between Nantes and Le Mans, in the Loire Valley. It is a region with many medieval castles, and a relatively small river flows through the town, the Maine River, and after into the Loire River, the largest in France. It is also where the delicious liquor, Cointreau is made. The city itself is very charming; the huge medieval castle sits right in the middle of the city as well as the cathedral. In the center of the town there is a bridge, the oldest in town and which in the past was full of little stores! We used the portable mini-equipment (simultaneous translation equipment) for several days of work, and it worked very well. The Good Shepherd’s mother house is in a neighborhood outside Angers, but easy to come and go, as public transportation is excellent. I worked with Daniella, my fellow interpreter, who lives in Italy but is Spanish.


Simultaneous Translation Religious Affairs

Simultaneous Translation Religious Affairs

Simultaneous translation of religious affairs is necessary because the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity used to be separate from that of the Good Shepherd Sisters; recently the two congregations have become one. Founded respectively by St John Eudes and St Mary Euphrasia, the conference brings together sisters from various countries: Angola, Kenya, Sudan and Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, Burkina Faso and the Islands (Madagascar and Mauritius). There is simultaneous translation into French, English and Portuguese, done by interpreters Daniella Persia and Vivian Haynes. The topics vary: the life of Saint Eudes and Saint Mary Euphrasia, leadership, spirituality, the development of mission and ministry, social work and constitutions.

Simultaneous translation work in Angers, France.

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Written by: Vivian Haynes from Brazil

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