Simultaneous translation of politicians in Brazil

Cooperativism Event: (call 11 9 9934 4647 and request a quote for your event), with simultaneous translation of politicians in Brazil, was held last week in São Paulo.

We were responsible for the simultaneous translation of the International Seminar “Cooperativism and the objectives of sustainable development: combining economic and social impact for a better future” – an event sponsored by the OCB together with ACI, the International Cooperative Alliance, Unimed do Brasil and the OCESP.

The following were present: Raul Colombetti, President of the Casa Cooperativa (Argentina), Jean-Louis Bancel, President of the Crédit Coopératif Group (France), Stanley Muchiri, President of the International Cooperative Alliance for Africa, Martin Lowery, Executive Vice President of the National Association of the Regional Electrification Cooperatives (United States), Dulce Gonçalves Braga, President of the Cootama Cooperative (Brazil).

Mediator: Roberto Rodrigues, Former President of the International Cooperative Alliance,

Case studies: Kathy Bardswick, CEO of The Co-operators Ltd (Canada), Anders Lago, CEO of Swedish Housing Cooperatives (Sweden), Carlo Scarzanella, Vice President of the Italian Cooperative Association (Italy), Kenki Maeda, Manager -General of the Japanese Cooperative Research Institute, (Japan) Orlando Fittipaldi Junior, President of Unimed Lins (Brazil); Mediator: Eudes de Freitas Aquino, President of Unimed do Brasil

The event with simultaneous translation for the  politicians present had approximately 200 participants.

Cooperativism is a special type of organization. It is an entrepreneurial business model: the differential is in the search for efficient economic results, always valuing human capital.

There were representatives from 30 countries and 20 Brazilian states; ambassadors, government officials, leaders and cooperative employees from all over Brazil and the world and representatives of the Federal Government and partner institutions.

Other distinguished attendees:

President of Unimed do Brasil – Eudes de Freitas Aquino, President of the OCB System – Márcio Lopes de Freitas, President of the International Cooperative Alliance – Henrique Leroux, President of ACI Americas, Ramon Imperial, Federal Deputy and current secretary of the State of Agriculture and Supply, Arnaldo Jardim, representing Governor G. Alckmin, the Coordinator of the Health Branch at the Parliamentary Front of Cooperatives, Federal Deputy Lelo Coimbra, President of the OCESP System, Edvaldo Del Grande, State Deputy Itamar Borges, São Paulo City Councilor, Aline Cardoso and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Aloysio Nunes.

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