Simultaneous translation in São Paulo

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If you or your company need simultaneous translation in São Paulo, for a meeting, congress, conference, training, workshop or other type of event, contact us; we work with conventional simultaneous translation with booths, and also with portable equipment for smaller events for up to 40 people. We have many years of experience in the market. Recently we have also started to do remote interpretation using platforms suitable for this modality.

Simultaneous translation in São Paulo

Simultaneous translation in São Paulo

Below, the description of an event with simultaneous translation at Hotel Unique, in São Paulo

The Academic Forum on Construction Law brought together academics to share ideas on how the growth of construction law education should be promoted in Latin America and other countries. The event took place at Hotel Unique and simultaneous translation was done by the company, Intérpretes Profissionais (simultaneous translation são paulo). The interpreters were Anna Maria Franco, Vivian Haynes, Luciane Camargo, Jézika Proença and Maurício Nogueira.

In the introduction, the keynote speaker was the Honorable Sir Rupert Matthew Jackson, of the London Court of Appeals.

Some issues that were addressed during the event: (simultaneous translation são paulo)

History of the 20 years of the Construction Law Society: What lies ahead?

What will be the future of the construction industry?

The evolution of construction law in Latin America: recent developments and lessons learned.

The new model of Public Works in Qatar.

A global perspective on the future of infrastructure: Challenges and Proposals

In addition to the plenary lectures, we also had several work sessions in separate wings: in these rooms there was also simultaneous translation by São Paulo interpreters.

Arbitration and legal proceedings: Trends and challenges in international construction disputes.

Public Contracts, Concessions and Financial Projects: The challenge of implementing successful projects

Ethics and compliance in the construction industry: Challenges, references and recommendations

The Construction Law under the different families of Common Law and Civil Law

The principle of good faith and its application to construction contracts.

Security and speed of payment: tension between security and speed.

At Hotel Unique there were many young lawyers, and everyone enjoyed the event, saying they learned a lot. For the interpreters it was interesting to understand how the entire construction chain works and how many different companies are involved in these processes. Not to mention lunch at Hotel Unique, one of the best in the city. (simultaneous translation são paulo)

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