Sustainability Simultaneous Translation

Sustainability simultaneous translation: our team was responsible for the simultaneous translation of a Global Canopy Program event; GCP is an Oxford-based think tank that works with tropical forests. They work through multidisciplinary networks around the world.

Tropical forests cover about 7% of the world’s land area, but provide a habitat for at least half of the planet’s terrestrial biodiversity. They supply vital ecosystem services that sustain climate, water, food and energy security, as well as human health and livelihoods on a local and global scale. Currently, the services provided by forests are not rewarded or recognized in international policies, consequently tropical forests are more worth dead, than alive!

Sustainability simultaneous translation was done by Vivian Haynes and Vania Williams (English booth), Flor Maria Vidaurre and Vivian Delgado (Spanish booth). The event took place at INPA (National Institute for Space Research) in São José dos Campos. We stayed at the Mercure Hotel Colinas.

Tropical forests currently suffer a net loss of 1.4 billion tons of carbon per year, and with deforestation they are responsible for about 10% of our global annual CO2 emissions. As such, we need to develop and implement policies and financial mechanisms that recognize and reward the value of ecosystem services that forests provide. The well-being and resilience of societies and economies will depend on success in maintaining a healthy and resilient rainforest.

In order to guarantee impactful work, Global Canopy focuses its work on four main themes: 1) Forests and Human Security 2) The drivers of deforestation 3) Forests and Finance 4) Accountability – Transparency

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