Technical Simultaneous Translation Brazil

Zeppini Ecoflex is a company dedicated to manufacturing and selling equipment to be installed in service stations (gas stations) and we did the technical simultaneous translation in Brazil,  at an event at their São Bernardo do Campo manufacturing plant.

They manufacture peripheral equipment for fuel tanks, such as containment tanks, filters, tubes, valves and other miscellaneous devices. They manufacture tubes, connections and tools, materials for the treatment of effluents such as separating boxes, accessories for supply units, peripheral equipment for diesel oil filters such as pipes, terminals and connections. In order to do the simultaneous technical translation of the company’s first International Conference, our team plunged headlong into the products and the company, to understand what they produce and how they market all of this in over eighty countries. We were impressed ! Zeppini Ecoflex dominates this market and is very strong worldwide, really a global company.

The event had a technical simultaneous translation booth into Spanish with Flor Maria and Joaquin Serrano, and in the English and Portuguese booth, Áurea dal Bó and Vivian Haynes.

One of the most prominent products is the Automatic Nozzle, a component used to supply vehicles. Zeppini Ecoflex has a nozzle design, which uses fewer components, reducing the need for maintenance.

Technical Simultaneous translation Brazil

Technical Simultaneous translation Brazil

Another accessory that is present in all stations is the Supply Hose. Connected between the fuel pump and the Fuel Nozzle, it is responsible for taking the fuel to the vehicle.

The company confirmed its presence at the 12th edition of ExpoPostos & Conveniência, which is the largest event in the Service Stations and Convenience Stores segment in Brazil – to be held in São Paulo, between August 5th and 7th.

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