Simultaneous Translation Technology São Paulo

This week we did the simultaneous translation at a technology event for  CONAX at the Hilton Hotel in São Paulo.

The market is changing rapidly and more and more consumers expect easy access to content – anywhere, anytime and on any device. To support the complex technical requirements of providing these advanced television services, a scalable, cost-effective and feature-rich security system with advanced technologies is required.

Security is the main competence of CONAX and is deeply rooted in all aspects of the company. The first sources of revenue 25 years ago were analog broadcasts from pay TV channels. Conax is a provider of security solutions for the distribution of digital video content. Combining innovative technology, advanced systems and excellent competence, it works like a magic that can be invisible, but it works great. The event at the Hilton Hotel had simultaneous translation technology São Paulo for several Brazilian providers.

Conax is a world leader in the total protection service for digital television on all types of networks and devices. It had strong annual growth in 2013 In highly competitive global markets, the Scandinavian security provider signed contracts with 26 new pay-TV and companies telecommunications With Latin America, Africa and India also closed new contracts, responsible for most of the new business. Conax Technology has a global reach in 85 countries. The security provider closed last year with strong revenue growth that grew by 14%.

After Covid-19 we started working remotely with success; we now use platforms such as Kudo, Interprenet and Zoom, which has the simultaneous translation functionality if you purchase the webinar add-on. It works extremely well and we are now technically equipped for this type of work.

Simultaneous translation technology Sao Paulo

Simultaneous translation technology Sao Paulo


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