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In Poços de Caldas, which is in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, at the Hotel Monreale Resort, we were responsible for the simultaneous translation (English interpreter Brazil) for a well known international dairy company;  it was all about dairy farms in Brazil and in other countries, their productivity and all the challenges.

The interpreters were Vivian Haynes and Denise Penteado Lima.

We learned about mastitis, which is a disease that attacks dairy cows causing great harm to the animals themselves and to the producers. We also learned that, as in most productive segments, a sharp business vision is essential in this field.

English interpreter in Brazil

English interpreter in Brazil

Milk is a drink that is present daily at the table of most Brazilians. And yogurt is consumed by all social classes. This is because milk is rich in nutrients, offering several benefits to humans such as calcium, which enhances and strengthens the development of bones in all stages of life, from childhood to old age.

Yogurts depend on high-quality milk, and this was explained in detail by North American partners, who told the story of their family farms in the state of Kansas in the US and the 10-year partnership with the company of dairy products. The English interpreter in Brazil translated two American brothers, who showed a video of their farms in the United States.

Due to the high consumption of milk, the production of this drink is a great business opportunity, but much planning is needed.

The livestock sector is one of the pillars of our economy. One of the main activities developed is cattle raising, which is made for meat or milk production, the latter being one of the most traditional options from North to South.

Brazil is the 6th. largest milk producer in the world, and this market grows at a rate of 4%, with a revenue of around 40 billion per year.

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