Simultaneous translation for motivational events Brazil

//Simultaneous translation for motivational events Brazil

Simultaneous translation for motivational events Brazil

Motivational event with simultaneous translation in Brazil: our simultaneous interpretation company, Intérpretes Profissionais,  participated in an excellent motivational event organized by JBS Couros (JBS Leather Co.) at the Tauá Convention Hotel & Resort in Atibaia. The event emphasized the different pillars of the company’s culture, such as Determination, Availability, Openness, Discipline, Humility, Attitude of the Owner, among others. It also had motivational talks, all with simultaneous translation, with emphasis on a lecture by Clóvis Tavares, comparing an airplane to a corporation. Clovis speaks as if he were a German Lufthansa pilot, with a German accent ! Very convincing. Only at the end does he reveal that he is a professional motivational speaker and not a pilot. The audience was mesmerised it was a huge success.  The talk is very funny and it was a challenge for the interpreters to do the translation without some good laughs. The interpreters  were Vania Williams and Vivian Haynes. The event also had an Italian booth with Flavia Movizzo Smith and Rosângela Brischi.

Vania Williams e Vivian Haynes

Motivational talks are increasingly becoming a part of corporate events. They break the ice, and are great strategies to show plans, goals, goals and objectives of the company and at the same time motivate employees. Motivational speakers often tell stories of overcoming difficult situations, inspiring tales, and optimism in  adversity. The Brazilian blog Agendor recommends several motivational speakers in the sales area; check it out ! And if your motivational event needs simultaneous translation, call Vivian Haynes by phone or WhatsApp at 55 11 9 9934 4647. Motivational event with simultaneous translation in Brazil; we do simultaneous interpretation across the country. E-mail:


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