Translators and interpreters; the difference between these two professions, this is what you will learn by reading this article.  An interpreter is a professional person who does simultaneous translation – he or she translates what is being said simultaneously, that is, in real time. An interpreter also does consecutive translation (read our article about this service). Watch consecutive translation in brasil

It is up to the interpreter to listen to the speaker and at the same time translate him/her into another language, thus enabling real-time communication between people who do not understand each other. This type of professional is highly sought after for events and conferences with speakers and foreign participants, where simultaneous translation services are offered to guests or listeners. There is also RSI which is remote simultaneous interpretation, very much used after the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is worth noting that it is not enough to  simply speak another language and that’s it. No one who has taken a language course suddenly becomes an interpreter. It is a much more complex process because one must acquire the ability to process the speaker’s speech in the source language and almost instantly translate it into the target language. There are several techniques and tricks and for this very reason, it is called interpretation and not simply translation.

The situation requires even more skill when a particular word has no clear translation to the other language, which is common, for example, with slang, words that have a double meaning, jargon that are typical of a region, dialects, or even new technical terms. Providing listeners with a conversation and an understanding between different languages ​​is almost an art.

When hiring an interpreter it is very important to know the professional’s curriculum, his knowledge and the experience he has in the segment in which he will work.

The translator

A translator is a professional who works with the written word. It is common for a translator to be contracted to translate documents, books, a thesis, contracts, multilingual sites, among others. Sworn translators, in turn, are individuals who have passed a public test and are able to translate legal documents or personal documents (driving licenses, passports, certificates, school records, contracts, etc.).

A sworn translator must by law be born Brazilian; he will always request the original document, so if you need a sworn translator, find one in the city where you reside because you will not be able to send a copy to him. It has to be the original document! A copy of the translated document will then be filed in a book that the translator will later bind, and it will later be filed at the Board of Trade of the state where the translator resides.

A sworn translator is a professional who with his signature certifies the translation and he is ethically and legally responsible for his work.

They are the only professionals qualified to act as interpreters and translators in legal courts.

The work of translators, whether sworn or not, is never a simple job, especially when translating content that involves the Portuguese language.

Just to give you an idea, if you try to translate a more complex text using Google Translate, it will probably translate sentences with errors. Google Translator helps a lot, but it’s not perfect.

It is precisely for this reason that for important jobs it is always important to hire an experienced translator. If you’re relying on apps, you run the risk of ending up with a really bad translation.

Interpreters and translators – two professions in one.

Translators and Interpreters; the difference between these two professions. Intérpretes Profissionais, our company,  offers simultaneous and consecutive translation services for events; we also work with interpreters for fairs. We also do written translations, but we are not sworn translators; in this case we recommend colleagues who are excellent professionals.

You can count on our services and rely on the quality and excellence of a team that has been in the market for many years.

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Translators and Interpreters; the difference between these two professions

Translators and Interpreters; the difference between these two professions