Simultaneous translation in Brasilia at Hair and Beauty event.

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This yearly fair in Brasilia aims to discuss the policies and guidelines for the segment, incentivize the improvement of beauty professionals in different areas and support the beauty business. Encouraging entrepreneurship, accelerating the process of formalization of the economy, access to credit and innovation is discussed at parallel workshops for each area of ​​the business. The event had simultaneous translation at several different training sessions and workshops, provided by our company, Intérpretes Profissionais.

Simultaneous Translation in Brasilia

Simultaneous Translation in Brasilia

It is also an unforgettable event for companies that want to make their mark in the beauty sector in Brasilia and in satellite cities. For this event we were fortunate to be chosen to work as interpreters in Brasilia.

Why simultaneous translation in Brasília (DF)?

In the past, training courses and beauty events were only offered in other states, making it difficult for most of Brasilia’s professionals to participate. It was taking into account the need for qualified professionals in the city of Brasilia that different courses were held during the Hair Brasilia and Beauty event; courses such as Classical Hairstyles, Waves and Cutting Workshop, Wire Alignment, I want to be a Business Owner, How to improve the future of my beauty salon, Male and Beard Cutting Techniques, Colorimetry, Cutting Techniques for all hair types and many others. Qualified foreign professionals participated and the simultaneous translation was done by us.

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With these workshops and events happening at the same time, the proposal was to gather in one place hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians, manicures, podiatrists and other professionals who seek at the fair opportunities for improvement and updating. The event was attended by more than 220 brands and received 25,000 visitors in three days, from 21 Brazilian states, in addition to visitors from Brasília itself.


Located in the heart of Brasilia, the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center has a built area of ​​54 thousand square meters, with 5 auditoriums, one of which accommodates 3 thousand people, and 13 rooms can be divided, allowing for various combinations. The event took place in the South Wing with 13,186 m². Well located, with an excellent food court and parking.

Simultaneous translation using zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese

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