How to Hire Reliable Simultaneous Translation Services in Brazil: hiring any type of service to meet the needs of individuals or companies, presupposes that the company that has been chosen has an excellent reputation and great quality of service. In this post you will learn how to hire reliable simultaneous translation services in Brazil.

There are several companies and professionals on the market, however, it is very important to know what to search for before contracting simultaneous translation services, because when it comes to translation and communication, the quality of the event, congress or meeting can be compromised if the interpreters are not top quality professionals.

Main aspects to evaluate a company or a simultaneous translation professional 

When finding a simultaneous or consecutive translation company, check out the team and professionals who work there. There are companies composed of several professionals or just by one person.

Interpretes Profissionais is managed by Vivian Haynes, who has been working in this segment since 2000. She has organized translation projects for several events in Brazil and abroad. The company has different partners and interpreters who offer simultaneous translation services into several languages, such as French and Spanish besides English and Portuguese.

We can also organize interpreters for more exotic languages such as Mandarin, Hindi, Turkish or Arabic. Our company is very well known in Brazil and we can organize the whole event for you.

We also offer RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) with all the necessary technology; we have a hub with ethernet internet, excellent Sennheiser headsets and all it needs for a perfect transmission; two computers, phone and I-Pad, all connected.

Portfolio – companies and events served

If the event is large, if a given congress brings together many people, it is critical that the simultaneous translation professionals have extensive experience on the subject that will be translated. Find out what other events they have worked at doing simultaneous translation dealing with the same subject as your event. The same applies to digitally transmitted and live internet events.

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For this, it is also very important that the materials of the event to be translated be sent to the interpreters in advance, so they can study, prepare glossaries, see and listen to the speakers talking at previous events through videos on YouTube, in order to get accustomed to the speakers different accents. Also send the power point presentations, articles on the subject, sites on the internet, all this will help the interpreters to prepare themselves very well.

In these cases, what should be evaluated is how many companies or events have been served and their importance. This information should be public, do not hesitate to request it.

On the Interpretes Profissionais website there is a list of companies served and on the blog there are many posts with photos of events at which we have worked.

Pay attention to the testimonials of clients, as this can tell you a lot about their experience.

Our recommendation is for you to evaluate the company’s reputation on specialized websites such as the Reclame Aqui website in Brazil and also on social networks. Incidentally, Interpretes Profissionais has no complaints on the Reclame Aqui website (a Brazilian website for complaints against companies), a great sign that they have an extremely good reputation.

More than just translating: offering complete solutions

A company that offers a superior ​​quality in translation services generally adds other important items to their services.

Solutions should be thought of in a broader way; competent professionals evaluate the scenario, give their opinions and suggestions, offer the best options to set up the translation booths, choose the best interpreters depending on the subject to be translated, offering complete consulting services linked to their job; these are all useful tips on how to hire reliable simultaneous translation services in Brazil.

Always check what the company has to offer and if there is any challenge, there must be a frank conversation with the client in order to reach the best solution, so that the simultaneous translation process flows seamlessly.

Interpreters fees in Brazil

This is the most challenging aspect. Opting for the lowest fees can cause serious problems as the quality of the translation services will most probably be poor.

The best interpreters in Brazil belong to an association, APIC, which is the Association of Brazilian Conference Interpreters ( or SINTRA (, the National Union of Translators. SINTRA has a spreadsheet with reference fees ​​charged in Brazil for simultaneous translation services, so that you have a good idea of ​​the rates currently charged in this market; check out

Fees way above the average market fees may be a sign of exaggeration, and rates far below are an indication of inexperienced interpreters who offer inferior quality services. So, now you know how to hire reliable simultaneous translation services in Brazil.

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