Choosing adequate venues for corporate events in Brazil: (with simultaneous translation)

Choosing adequate venues for corporate events in Brazil: one of the big challenges for those who organize corporate events with simultaneous translation in Brazil is how to choose the best venue in the city. There are always some basic concerns, such as the size, location and basic structures offered; but choosing spaces for corporate events goes way beyond that; you must plan carefully and  have a good  strategy, as well as  a good understanding of the target audience.

It sounds cliché, but the best place is the one that caters for absolutely everything your event needs. And to find the best place, read about some tips that may help you. You will learn some good tips by reading this post….

Choosing adequate venues for corporate events in Brazil

Choosing adequate venues for corporate events in Brazil











Briefing to determine the goals of the event

Taking into consideration the goals of your event and the profile of the target audience makes all the difference when determining the best place to hold it.

For the briefing to help in this process of finding adequate space for corporate events with simultaneous translation in Brazil, some questions need to be asked.

  • Which is the segment?

If it is an agricultural exhibition, the venue must be large  and capable of allowing for the installation of heavy machinery that belongs to the participating companies; there must be space enough to demonstrate agricultural processes, room to accommodate visitors and  you also need to calculate sufficient space for putting up the exhibition stands both indoors and outdoors.

Another example; if the event is about marketing, with several speakers, the venue needs to have a suitable stage and a large auditorium for the lectures.

  • How many people are expected?

There is nothing worse for someone who is organizing an event than to find out there is not enough room to accommodate all the people. Take care when calculating these numbers, stipulate how many people you expect, the public for this specific segment. If the size of the venue is not large enough, it will affect both the participants and the guests.

  • Is the main public local or composed of foreigners?

Foreigners appreciate events held near hotel centers and not too far from the airport. Transport logistics are crucial, therefore the place where the event is held should consider this aspect.


  • How can you help with marketing?

You should have a suitable place for taking photographs, a room for interviews, for press conferences, a good media center and an adequate structure for installing high quality internet connections; all of this directly or indirectly favors the marketing of your event.

  • Dates of corporate events with simultaneous translation in Brazil

The most appropriate date for the event is the one which is best suited for the target audience; check out the state and national calendar to make sure the date is not a holiday, and if it is on a weekend, make sure it is not Mother’s day or Valentine’s day; also, the chosen venue must be available on the desired dates, so a reservation needs to be made well in advance.

  • How many exhibition stands will be needed?

After defining the number of participants, it is necessary to determine how many exhibition stands you will need. And in this regard, a map showing the stands and their size, is critical to determine the amount of space needed to accommodate all structures. Be very careful, as some properties have ­­­contracts that limit the size of the facilities allowed and this needs to be planned beforehand by your organization.

  • What is the format of the event?

The type of venue you choose is determined by the event’s proposed format.

For lectures, workshops and conferences: in these cases you need a place with good acoustics, you need to be able to put up temporary stages, you need to be able to offer comfortable seating, quality lighting, adequate space for projectors and screens, suitable areas for outsourced companies to work in, such as booths for interpreters to do simultaneous translation and a kitchen area to prepare coffee-breaks.

For business events: the venue must be able to accommodate the expected number of people. It must provide an adequate structure for the installation of meeting rooms, when necessary, and an area for the presentation of products and brands. There should be enough space for the circulation of catering professionals, for employees to work comfortably, for example, to provide coffee-break services.

For cultural and musical events: the venue needs to meet the adequate standards to be able to set up stages and dressing rooms. You should also have a good security project as well as excellent lighting and a good acoustic system, easy transport for the organizers and the public.

You should also consider the structure needed to accommodate the simultaneous translation interpreters in Brazil

In most venues, there is enough space to install the simultaneous translation booths and the additional equipment, and to comfortably accommodate the professional interpreters who will do the simultaneous translation in Brazil, which is the most common type of translation service. The booths should have two doors, be soundproof and have a ventilation system on top. There should be a top shelf, a table with a microphone and the transmission equipment; and electrical sockets should not be forgotten. And remember to put some water bottles for the translators, they will speak a lot and get very thirsty.

However, there are situations that can be challenging. Therefore, it is always a good idea to discuss the needs of the simultaneous translation company with the manager of the location of your event, and even perhaps with other outsourced suppliers. Together, you can discuss which ideas are best for a successful event.

Let me give you an example; in an auditorium with fixed chairs it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable place to set up the simultaneous translation booths. However, often there is room left at the back of the stage; in this case the booth is set up in this area. Ah, but the interpreters will not be able to see the speakers … what to do? It is quite simple, just put a small monitor inside the booth, and the interpreters can view the whole event taking place as if they were facing the speakers. It works very well. This shows you how important it is to have an open mind and to be flexible for everything to work out.

The first impression is lasting

Event attendees often make comparisons to decide whether to return to future editions of an event. The main points they compare are:

  • Organization: the meeting agenda, topics of the lectures, the reception, the staff to answer questions, all these factors are taken into consideration;
  • The location and structure of the venue: if the event is held in a good, easily accessible location with excellent infrastructure, it will always make people wish to return because of the good memories. If the location of the event is attractive, especially in cases of recurring events that can be held again in the same city, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the owner of the property, in order to guarantee that future events can be held at the same place;
  • Ensuring the simultaneous translation quality in Brazil: if your event has attracted speakers and participants from other countries, there is always concern about the quality of the simultaneous translation. If the structure, equipment and interpreters were excellent, the participants will certainly be happy to return to future editions of the event.

Did you enjoy our tips for corporate events with simultaneous translation in Brazil ? Please try to remember some of  them in order to organize a successful event. Important: you can count on us for your  simultaneous translation needs in Brazil, a crucial service that caters to several languages, including exotic ones ​​such as Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi and others, besides English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

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