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We translated a very interesting event about soy certification in Cuiabá. The interpreters in Cuiabá worked at a dinner at the renowned Arab restaurant Al Manzul and even got to watch a belly dancing show after dinner! Over 60 soy producers were present.

Those involved in the soybean value chain had the opportunity to discuss and reach consensus on a set of principles and criteria for the certification of soybeans as a responsible crop. The pillars of this production are:

Legal compliance and good practices
Responsible working conditions
Environmental responsibility
Appropriate agricultural practices
Responsible community relations


Simultaneous translation Cuiabá Brazil

Simultaneous translation Cuiabá Brazil

The interpreters in Cuiabá (see photo of the city above)  translated a leader representing the European Union’s soy certification, as the block is becoming increasingly demanding in relation to the products it imports.

The European Commission recently created the Renewable Energy Directive which regulates the import of raw materials used in the production of biofuels (such as soybeans) to the European Union. The standards contain requirements for changes in land use, calculations of the effect of greenhouse gas. traceability and determining whether these raw materials can be considered sustainable or not.

The need to evolve and adapt to the demands of the market, with greater efficiency in the production processes, have resulted in technological innovations and a new profile of farmers and businesses.

The predominant idea is the competition with the best in every corner of the world. Agriculture ceases to be a business of owners, and becomes part of a chain of food production governed by the market, product quality, based on the adoption of good agricultural practices. And the current model is sustainability with certified production traceability.

The simultaneous translation in Cuiabá Brazil went off extremely well and it was great to see old clients and friends again; we  found the event very interesting and also learned a lot. This is what we love the most in our profession!

After Covid-19 remote interpreting has been the order of the day, and it works very well. Simultaneous translation using zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese, check it out !

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