Simultaneous Translation in Santos, Brazil: Força Sindical (the name of one of the large Brazilian union movements)  held its 8th Congress on June 12, 13 and 14, in Praia Grande; we did the simultaneous translation with interpreters in Santos Brazil. The opening ceremony was at the Falcão Sports Gymnasium at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2017.

The Congress took place when workers and their rights are at a rather tense and difficult time. Strategies were developed to fight against this situation, which, according to Força Sindical, is contrary to the interests of the workers, according to Paulo Pereira da Silva, Paulinho, president of Força Sindical.

I participated in the simultaneous translation in Santos for this event at the invitation of a fellow interpreter, for the foreign delegation, composed of Portuguese, Chinese, Angolan, South African and Italian speakers. The interpreters work in Santos was also extended at a dinner at Churrascaria Leitão at Praia-Grande where there was a samba and a music show, all very lively, and we translated for the foreign delegations during dinner.

There was also a city tour around the city of Santos, with a visit to the Museum and Coffee Market, the old part of the city, the seafront, as well as a guided tour of the Santos Soccer ClubMuseum with a visit to the shop for souvenir shopping and time in the Trophy Room, the players’ locker room and finally the Vila Belmiro football field.

The participants of the foreign delegation enjoyed this visit and asked many questions about Brazilian soccer.

Simultaneous translation in Santos Brazil

Simultaneous translation in Santos Brazil

A document was written with a thorough analysis of the international and national situation ever since 2000, details of the country’s development debate, industrialization and trade union struggle.

There was also much talk about the labor and social security reforms and the challenges of the trade union movement.  We stayed in the newly renovated Commerce Leisure Center, very comfortable and nice.

The simultaneous translation with interpreters in Santos Brazil  were Alexandre Alcântara, Enrique Romera, Francisco Ferres and Vivian Haynes.

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