Insurance for events with simultaneous translation in Brazil: everyone who organizes events knows that unforeseen things can occur !! Depending on what happens, you might have a huge financial loss. To avoid disruption and minimize possible impacts, did you know that there is insurance available for corporate events in Brazil? Yes, there is ! Many organizers wonder if it pays to invest in this and we can say that depending on the type of event, size and structure involved, without a doubt, insurance for your event can be a  good and important investment.

Without insurance, it is worth mentioning that the organizer of the event can be held responsible for many of the problems that may occur.

In this article we will talk about:

Examples of cases where it is useful to be insured

Types of insurance for corporate events

Insurance premiums

Examples of cases when it is useful to be insured for events in Brazil

Absence of the artist, speaker or individual expected / or promised for the event.

Insurance for events with simultaneous translation in Brazil

Insurance for events with simultaneous translation in Brazil

Imagine you have hired a speaker and for some reason he is unable to show up; foreign speakers often do not obtain a visa to Brazil in time and need to cancel their trip. If you have charged for your event, people will demand their money back. This would cause major financial problems, and more than that, disruption in the money-back processes. Also you will have to pay for the interpreters who have been contracted to do the simultaneous translation (speak to interpreter Vivian at 55 11 9 9934 4647), as their contract states this.

Personal accidents

If an accident occurs at the place where your event is happening, it is the organizer’s responsibility to provide first aid, medical care and take care of damages. Insurance generally offers the means to solve the problem in the best possible way.

Vehicle Safety

Visitors to your event need to park their cars. The place chosen needs to have space for parking. But who is responsible for the safety of the cars? It could be the organizer… case of breakdown or even theft, insurance will solve this type of problem, offering a solution for the concerned party, and of course, ridding the organizers of additional costs and bureaucratic inconveniences. If the parking is outsourced, check to see if the contracted company offers insurance for the cars parked.

Supplier issues

If there is a challenge with the suppliers, insurance should cover compensation for damages caused or solve the problem to quickly ensure the full operation of the event.

Imagine, for example, if the company hired to do the ticketing installation of your event simply does not deliver the items in a timely manner? Should the event be canceled? No, because the damages would be much greater and the insurance guarantees a quick solution, avoiding the organiser having to deal with last minute bureaucracies and contacts.

Problems with the event location

The process of choosing an event venue is one of the most important steps. It is a difficult choice because it involves analyzing the target audience, number of participants, location, parking, comfort and many other factors.

Even with all the care to choose the best location, problems with the property may occur; to ensure your event takes place without damages, the insurance company generally offers several emergency coverages such as power failure, problems in restrooms, storms, floods, or other natural disasters. Many companies also hire generators for any eventuality as an additional safety net.

Insurance for events with simultaneous translation in Brazil

Types of insurance for events

Basically there are two types:

  1.  Civil responsability
  2.  Miscellaneous risks

The examples mentioned fall within the scope of civil liability. In addition to the items mentioned, the coverage in these cases refers to problems due to installation, assembly and dismantling of structures, food and beverage supplies, as well as moral damages.

In the form of miscellaneous risks, the coverage referts to everything that is related to the damage of assets of the insured party.

Insurance premium for events

It is very difficult to accurately calculate the exact amount you will pay for insurance, as it depends on the type of event, the structure used, number of participants and visitors, among other factors. Just as when you insure your home, in which you can choose the maximum amounts of indemnity, the same applies for events.

Just as an example, the amount paid can vary from R$ 3 thousand to R$ 20 thousand Brazilian reals, depending on the option of coverage chosen.

If you are thinking of taking out insurance for the trade shows or events your company organizes, maybe it has become clearer how this type of service is important to guarantee the success of your event. We hope we have helped you think more about this matter.

Remember: if your company is organizing an event, you can hire an excellent simultaneous translation team, after all, visitors from all over the world deserve to listen to all the languages ​​of your event in a professional and intelligible manner. Speak to Vivian Haynes at 55 11 9 9934 4647.

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