How to hire an interpreter in Brazil for your trip or event

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Everything is organized for your event or your business trip to Brazil, but wait a minute … you still need to hire an interpreter/ translator to help with consecutive or simultaneous translation for your meetings or to help you close deals at the stand of your event; how to do this? This is one of the important questions for those who need to hire this type of professional for the first time. We have already addressed this topic in the blog with a post on how to hire professionals for simultaneous translation in Brazil. Now we want to answer your questions about how to hire an interpreter / translator for business or tourism trips.

In this article you will read about the following topics:

  • Initial search
  • Estimates of interpreters, costs and benefits
  • Interpreters who can travel with you in Brazil and give you all the assistance you need during your trip.

How to hire a translator in Brazil –  initial search

For travel translator services in Brazil we have highlighted the following points so that you choose the appropriate professional:

When you search for interpreters or translators in Brazil on Google, you will find several specialized companies. One of the things you should pay attention to is what combination of foreign languages ​​ the company offers. The number of languages ​​tells you how much the company specializes in interpretation and the quality of the team.

How long has the company been on the market? The longer the company has been on the simultaneous translation market in Brazil, the larger the number of customers it has served. The company Intérpretes Profissionais has been operating since 2000. It has a vast portfolio of events attended in a wide range of segments.

What is the experience of the company’s interpreters? The owner is Vivian Haynes, who lived in the States and England for a few years. Vivian’s father was British and her mother was Danish, but the family always communicated in English at home; Vivian has attended several companies during the last years in the most varied segments. She always chooses equally experienced interpreters with extensive knowledge about the subject that will be translated.

There is an association of interpreters in Brazil called APIC; Professional Association of Conference Interpreters. You can check if the interpreter is listed in APIC, the association guarantees the quality of the interpreter.

Use Google as your source of information. Enter the name of the company or interpreter in the search engine and navigate the results. You may check for complaints, in which projects the company has worked and the reputation of the professionals.

Reclame Aqui: This is the largest complaint site in Brazil and is a source that should not be ignored. It is on Reclame Aqui that people post complaints regarding the quality of the service of different companies. Our company is not even mentioned in the portal, which is an excellent sign of responsibility and quality.

If possible, contact customers who have already used our services. When accessing the portfolio of the company or the bio of the interpreter, it is a good idea to verify who was well attended, quality of the work, if the interpreters were punctual and knew the subject well.

Search for videos about the company. Not institutional videos, but natural videos. For example, our Interpreter Vivian does a consecutive translation job for a coaching event and is it available to watch on YouTube.


The choice of the interpreter should not depend on the lowest fees

After the research stage comes the stage of requesting estimates and making contacts. In this step you will receive several different quotes. It is at this stage that you should not fall into the trap of paying too much, nor fall for those who offer fees ​​way below the market price, but in return offer low quality service.

What should be evaluated is the cost x benefit. Armed with all the research you have undertaken, it is time to evaluate the estimates you have received. Be wary of very cheap quotes, because in this business, cheap is usually synonymous with low quality.

How much does it cost to hire a translator?

According to the National Union of Translators (SINTRA), for up to 6 hours of work with 2 interpreters, the investment for each professional is on average in between R$ 1,800.00 and R$ 2.000,00 Brazilian reals. In general, additional hours are charged at 25% of this amount, for each additional hour, per interpreter. The price for simultaneous translation services or accompanying interpreters in Brazil depends on the place, subject, time, duration, among other factors.

Travel simultaneous translation services in Brazil

It is perfectly possible to hire an experienced interpreter for your travels in Brazil. This happened a lot during the Soccer World Cup, for example. Among Brazilians, it is also common to hire translators for countries that speak languages ​​not very common here, such as Russian, Turkish, Mandarin and Japanese. Not knowing how to speak certain languages ​​should not stop you from traveling and learn about the world and other cultures, right?

Interpreters for business trips in Brazil – how to hire an interpreter in Brazil for your trip or event

This type of service is also known as an accompanying interpreter. A professional translator travels with the client to help with the interpreting, facilitating the communication between people who speak different languages. But then you might ask yourself: would not it be easier to use an app ? This may be appropriate in cases of simple and short dialogues. But when we talk about business, long meetings, the story changes. No app will be able to translate as quickly and effectively as an interpreter; the accompanying interpreter is one of the services most sought after by Brazilian companies and businessmen.

How much does simultaneous translation cost in Brazil

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