Remote Interpretation English Brazilian Portuguese

Remote interpretation can be done from almost everywhere, if you have a good internet connection, a powerful microphone, a professional headset and a modern computer or laptop. This format of remote simultaneous interpretation (now known as RSI)  is becoming more and more popular, because although professional platforms are not cheap, when one considers that it is not necessary to rent a room, pay for a speaker’s trip and many other traveling expenses related to large events, remote interpretation from English into Brazilian Portuguese and vice-versa,  can be an excellent solution. Nowadays the results are excellent, and customers are happy.

Our company offers remote simultaneous translation services from English into Brazilian Portuguese that can be delivered through different platforms via live-streaming to Facebook, or YouTube, or using programs for video conferencing of your choice such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, Webex and many others. Let us know what you need and we will offer you the best option available. Our WhatsApp is 11 9 9934 4647 and we respond quickly.

How does remote interpretation with English x Brazilian Portuguese work with Zoom ?

We will explain how remote interpretation works with the very popular Zoom application; customers who want to include interpreters in their meetings, training or webinars can now enable interpretation and choose the language they want. We have been using this platform often. You need to have a Zoom Pro subscription plus the Webinar add-on.

Before the meeting or webinar begins, the moderator activates the remote interpretation feature, which will give interpreters access to their own audio channels. Participants can select an audio channel to listen to the language of their choice. Participants will hear the translated audio and will also be able to choose if they wish to listen to the original audio at a lower volume.

The cloud recordings of the interpretation sessions record only the original audio of the meeting or webinar, not the translations. Local recordings of performance sessions record any audio that the person wishes to hear, but not multiple audio channels.

Remote Interpretation English Brazilian Portuguese

Remote Interpretation English Brazilian Portuguese

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We recorded an explanatory video for you to better understand the different options we offer, in Portuguese. Remember that although the international platforms are excellent, they charge in dollars or euros. However, if it is an event with multiple languages ​​and a large audience, it can be worthwhile.

Virtual simultaneous translation Portuguese

Remote interpretation in Brazilian Portuguese video

We work all over Brazil, check out this link: Simultaneous translation in Ribeirao Preto