Virtual Simultaneous Translation Portuguese

Virtual simultaneous translation Portuguese: conventional simultaneous translation with booths, receptionists and equipment at major events is no longer feasible during Covid-19. Together with event organizers around the world, we are closely monitoring the evolution of the new coronavirus pandemic. We recognize how stressful this situation is and share the concerns of all those who were counting on organizing a conference, training, workshop or congress. Unfortunately, the event community is being deeply affected.

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In times of uncertainty, a lot of resilience and flexibility is needed, and we are here to help if the best decision for your event is to take it online. Fortunately for virtual events, using Zoom for interpreting and the streaming of live events to YouTube and Facebook, in addition to other formats, works very well and virtual simultaneous translation into Portuguese is available. There are several platforms that have been programmed for exactly this, such as Kudo, Interprenet and VoiceBoxer. Due to the exchange rate of the American or European currency, these platforms are not cheap. There is the Zoom app, a little less professional, but which quite well in the webinar format; zoom has channels that allow for simultaneous translation into English, Russian, Japanese, Mandarim, Korean, French, German and Spanish, besides Portuguese.

Virtual Simultaneous Translation Portuguese

Virtual Simultaneous Translation Portuguese

We have studied all of the virtual simultaneous translation platforms and can help you decide which format is best for your online event. It will work out fine !

The moment we are going through with the pandemic forces us to stay at home. But that doesn’t mean one can’t participate in amazing events with virtual simultaneous translation. Being indoors does not prevent you from learning new skills and participating in activities via the computer. Want to know the best part? Online events are happening all over the world, you can participate and listen into the language of your choice.


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