Simultaneous translation using zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese

Simultaneous translation using the zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese and English;  there are several options available for remote interpreting, and one of the most popular modalities is simultaneous translation using the Zoom application. It is now called RSI – Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

Many customers, friends and colleagues ask us how this works; to have Zoom with this feature, you need to have a professional Zoom subscription (Pro) and you also need to subscribe to an add-on, that is, an additional Zoom product called Webinar. Zoom’s PRO subscription costs approximately US $ 14.99 per month and the additional Webinar is US $ 40.00 per month, totaling US $ 55.00. Besides having this subscription it is necessary to learn how to configure it including the simultaneous interpretation functionality.  You need to rehearse and check everything is working correctly. Zoom offers several languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarim, Korean, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese and the participant chooses the audio channel they want to listen to. A globe and a language selector appear at the bottom right of the screen.

Simultaneous translation using zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese

Simultaneous translation using zoom app for Brazilian Portuguese

If you don’t feel comfortable using Zoom + Webinar we can organize and monitor the technical side of  your event; we charge a fee for this which is similar to a day’s interpreting fee, as this job is done by a trilingual interpreter who speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English, and who can talk to the panelists and participants when necessary.

We have  a hub at our office, with two broadband internet connections, two wi-fi connections, two computers and two laptops, an I-pad and professional Sennheiser headsets. We have been working remotely with great success; to work in this way you need to be well prepared. The working environment must be free of noise, external interference of any kind, and the internet connection must be excellent.

Read and understand more by clicking on this link that takes you to the zoom website, explaining how to configure this mode with simultaneous translation. Zoom is sure to add even more languages ​​in the near future.

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