The importance of mandarin interpreters in Brazil 

The importance of mandarin interpreters in Brazil; as you most probably are aware, China is the second largest economy in the world and the expectation is that in a few decades it will surpass the United States. This alone suffices to conclude that mandarin, the language spoken by the majority of Chinese, continues to gain prominence in the world.

The second language spoken by the Chinese is cantonese, mainly in Hong Kong, but mandarin predominates in the rest of the country.

China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. In 2014, Brazil exported 40.6 billion dollars of goods to China and imported 37.3 billion dollars from the Asian country. This is an interesting fact, as China is on the other side of the planet …. would it not be easier to have larger trade volumes with America, for example? But that is not how it works when it comes to trade, bilateral and diplomatic agreements.

The Asian country is very competitive in products they manufacture, mainly electronics and technology. In other segments they also have advantages and this makes Brazil cultivate very strong relations with China.

Many Brazilian companies do business with Chinese companies and therefore the flow of travel between businessmen, executives and employees is significant between the two countries. In addition, Brazil exports commodities to China, which is the largest buyer of our soybean. The Chinese are also investing heavily in Brazil, in agriculture, in the energy sector and in industries.

In Brazil, mandarin is not as popular as English or Spanish. There are a few executives who invest in courses to have a means of communicating with Chinese clients, but most choose to hire Mandarin interpreters in Brazil, who are experienced professionals in consecutive translation, and who will translate business meetings. For those who do not have time to attend a language course or have difficulty learning the language, the best investment is to hire a mandarin translator who can interpret in business meetings by doing simultaneous or consecutive translation.

The advantages of mandarin interpreters in Brazil

• If you are a business person or you are the person responsible for organizing meetings between Brazilian and Chinese companies, you no longer have to worry about communicating in Mandarin. Just speak normally and focus on what is most important, the negotiations and the relevant topics.

Experienced interpreters will translate in an agile and professional manner; if you can provide the translators with material on what will be discussed, that is even better, they will be able to study the vocabulary, make a glossary and prepare themselves very well.

• Certainly, contracting a Mandarin interpreter will make all the difference in the communication process. If there is a first meeting between the parties, better still; the Chinese feel more comfortable at events or meetings with Brazilians when they are accompanied by experienced interpreters, even when among those who can speak English. It is easy to understand the importance of mandarim interpreters in Brazil. 

Mandarin spoken at congresses and events in Brazil

As China is Brazil’s largest trading partner, it is natural that more and more Chinese people are present at fairs, congresses, events and lectures. It is at this point that simultaneous translation into Mandarin comes into play.

Most people who attend events in Brazil may even speak English, which makes it easier, but when the dialogue take place in mandarim, well, it is practically impossible to avoid hiring experienced mandarin interpreters. The Chinese visit Brazil to participate in events dealing in ​​agriculture, technology, ports, energy, finance, trade and services.

The Chinese Chamber is an entity created to foster trade relations between the two countries. It is responsible for two major fairs, Canton and Xiamen, that promote business meetings between companies and entrepreneurs from both countries.

Have you understood why mandarin can be as important as English? If you organize events, are a business person and need mandarin interpretes, you have come to the right place.

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The importance of mandarin interpreters in Brazil

The importance of mandarin interpreters in Brazil