The importance of hiring professional translators in Brazil

There is a huge difference between a simple translation and a more difficult and specialized service for a special occasion. When we speak of special occasions, we mean the organization of large events, such as medical, ophthalmological, IT, innovation, product launches, Internet of Things (IOT), business meetings, closing of deals and contracts such as mergers and acquisitions, with the participation of foreigners. This article is about the importance of hiring professional translators in Brazil; if you need help to hire an interpreter contact us via WhatsApp at 55 11 9 9934 4647 and speak to Vivian 

When it involves the organization of events and business trips, you do not need and it is not always possible to know all the languages ​​that are going to be spoken. You can even master English, but what if there is a business opportunity with a group of French or Chinese who do not speak Portuguese or English? This is a great example of how professional translators are important in the market and also for the growth of your business or the success of your event.

Hiring professional translators in Brazil

Hiring professional translators in Brazil

Hiring professional translators in Brazil

If you search quickly on the internet, you will surely find several companies of interpreters and translators. But if you delve deeper into the searches, you will find that many have very little experience, are not experts on the topic you are looking for, have no references from previous jobs, have not specialized in the profession and are only up-and-coming.

In this case, be suspicious of fees below the market average; another tip is to pay attention to their portfolio; which were the companies, clients and events that have already been attended? At Professional Interpreters we have been working since the year 2000, so you can imagine the amount of simultaneous and consecutive translation work that we have already delivered successfully!

After the Covid-19 pandemic we also began working remotely, using different platforms such as Interprenet, Zoom and Kudo.

What kind of translator do you need?

Professional translators are often sought after to cater to event companies. For example, the event company needs to find an excellent interpreter to translate a foreigner who will speak on a specific subject, and the audience will need the receivers and headphones to listen to the simultaneous translation.

But remember that translators also offer solutions for other occasions. For example, for business trips and even vacations, why not?

In the case of business trips, it is when the employees and managers go to another country to deal with business with representatives of another company. The presence of an interpreter is essential to ensure good communication. Understanding of language should not pose a challenge to closing good deals.

Oh, but what if you use online translators or Google?

Believe me, it’s not the same thing. Do a test; simulate a business chat from your segment with someone else. You will realize that for many terms these translation programs do not deliver good results, plus there is a delay in the conversation.

Valued Professional translators in Brazil

Doing simultaneous translation is not easy. The professional must interpret the exact meaning of what has been said, correctly translate the concept or idea expressed in the conversation, translate the sentences almost in the same way as the speaker. And all this happens in fractions of a second; the interpreter listens to  the information in one language, translates it to the other language extremely quickly, all at the same time, as the talk continues.

And in addition to much preparation, the simultaneous translator needs to have talent, versatility and patience.

If you need a professional translator for your event, congress or business trip in Brazil or another country, you can count on us; we have been offering excellence for simultaneous and consecutive translation for many years.

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