Interpreters for Medical events in Brazil

We were responsible for the simultaneous translation of a medical event for the National Board of Medical Examiners, the ADEM + at the premises of the Hospital Sírio Libanês in São Paulo. We have specialized interpreters for medical events in Brazil, in all cities.

The objective of the 3-day meeting was to review and approve the content of the ADEM + exam, which is held annually.

The work was done to ensure that the exam asks appropriate questions, as well as to check the accuracy of the translation for each of the questions, comparing the text in the Portuguese language with the English equivalent.

Interpreters for medical events in Brazil

Interpreters for medical events in Brazil

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The classes were very well designed and everyone worked very hard. From the United States we had Amy Morales, Brownie, and an assistant.


This year the interpreters were Vivian Haynes and Jézika Proença. The technician was Ronaldo, an excellent and dedicated professional.

The event was held at the training area of ​​ Hospital Sírio Libanês where there are numerous good classrooms and on the ground floor there is an excellent restaurant.

To deepen the general awareness in health, the Syrian-Lebanese Institute for Education and Research (IEP), which has been in existence for over a decade,  innovating educational initiatives that include theory and practice and lots of training.

The objective is to contribute to the development of the quality of care in general, as well as the incorporation of new technologies and the promotion and access to cutting-edge medicine to an increasing number of people.

The IEP of the Sírio Libanês Hospital has served as a center that disseminates knowledge related to good practices and management in the health area, with residency programs, postgraduate programs, courses, congresses and other major events.

Interpreters for Medical events in Brazil

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