Simultaneous Translation Dentistry Brazil

Although we are based in Brazil,we did the simultaneous translation of a Dentistry event in Gothenburg, Sweden for a week, at a conference on dental implants.

Dental implants are metal structures, usually titanium, placed in the jawbone under the gum to replace the roots of the teeth. They allow the dentist to mount replacement teeth on them. As they are integrated into the bone, the implants offer a stable support. The inventor of implants was precisely a Swedish dentist from Gothemburg, Per-Ingvar Branemark; he passed away at the age of 85 in early 2015.

Dental implants are considered the most advanced solution for missing teeth and studies confirm a 97% long-term success rate. Dental implants are a reliable solution that:

1) Ensures support around the teeth, keeping the arch in a good position.

2) It continues to stimulate natural bone formation.

3) Restores a patient’s smile and confidence, improving self-esteem.

4) Returns the patient’s ability to chew with comfort when eating.

It is evident that throughout the history of civilization the aesthetics of a complete smile together with the restoration of the function of being able to chew food has led people to replace missing teeth.

Simultaneous Translation Dentistry in Congress on Dental Implants

The event where we did the simultaneous translation dentistry was at the University of Gothenburg and the simultaneous translation (dentistry, dental implants) was done by Vivian Haynes and Anna Maria Franco. After work we stayed 3 more days in the city, to get to know and enjoy it. We loved the town, the people and the wonderful surrounding islands.

In the photo, Anna Maria Franco and Vivian Haynes, interpreters of the Dentistry event in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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