Remote Interpretation Services Brazil or Remote Simultaneous Interpretion (RSI) as it is now called in English. It works very well and now we at Intérpretes Profissionais are also working using this type of remote simultaneous interpretation or remote interpretation.

Intérpretes Profissionais is working with excellent remote interpretation platforms, using the latest technology, with wonderful results and satisfied customers for remote interpretation services Brazil.

Remote interpretation services Brazil

Remote interpretation services Brazil

These are  multilingual internet presentation and communication platforms – created for international congresses, virtual meetings, web presentations, training and online conferences.

On these platforms, you listen to the simultaneous translation remotely, which is done by professional interpreters who work in studios or hubs especially prepared for this, while the participants listen and see the presentations on their cell phones using an app (they can also use a laptop or desktop computer).

In short: at the same time that they listen to the translation remotely, they are able to view the presentations on theirscreens: these are  professional and reliable services, delivered in an economical way.

Technical support for remote interpretation services

We have  strategic and technical support service. We will be with you during all stages – from the strategic planning to the execution phase. If you are interested in this modality, please let us know and we will prepare a specific quote for the remote interpretation of your event. It looks like something very complicated, but in reality it is not difficult to create an event and run it.

Today with fast internet connections, the quality of the transmission of images and sound is excellent and the whole system works wonderfully. It is worthwhile to learn how these platforms work to better understand them.

We can schedule a demo for you to see how remote interpretation is easy and seamless, before you decide which option you prefer.

You can ring us at 55 11 9 9934 4647 and you can also send us an email to; please detail your event, the location, time, subject to be translated, the size and type of audience (if they are doctors, insurance brokers, the auto industry, etc.) and we will send you a quote.

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