How do to business abroad: international business

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Ever since the year 2000 our company has offered solutions for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation of events, congresses, business travel, meetings, training sessions and other similar events in Brazil. We know that many entrepreneurs dream of selling their goods or services overseas, depending on the business segment.

This post has an interesting proposal; to give you a few tips on how to start an international business, if you are a small company. In some countries the market is accessible, which makes it easier for small companies to launch their business;  it is by no way something restricted to large corporations.

International business is more than just exporting products, remember you can also export services

For those who work manufacturing durable goods, it is easy to establish contacts with foreign companies through commercial relationships, networking and contracts. But remember that if you work in the service industry, there are also good opportunities.

In Brazil all of this is still very new, but in many countries companies invest in outsourcing services and are often interested in working with companies in different parts of the world.

How to plan investments for an international business and how to sell overseas

Management capacity


How to do business abroad

How to do business abroad








Your company needs to be financially prepared, it should integrate all sectors, know the laws of the countries in which it intends to operate and comply with the export laws of the country. Selling outside your country is complex and involves a lot of currency conversion. Having a skilled team or specialized accountancy firm is very important to avoid challenges and even losses.

Effective communication

The manager and other members of your team do not necessarily need to be able to speak the language of the country you are doing business in. For this, you can count on IntérpretesProfissionais to take care of the simultaneous or consecutive translation you will need in Brazil or abroad. We have skilled interpreters for business trips, to establish the first contacts, to close deals, to help with contracts or establish new negotiations.

The safest way to ensure flawless communication and optimize conversations is to have qualified interpreters.

Understand customer relations abroad

Each country has its own habits and culture. For example, what the Brazilian public may consider to be of good quality may not be the same for consumers from abroad; all this needs to be taken into account.

Productivity and how to do business abroad

There has to be efficient planning in order to increase your productive capacity or service delivery. That means investing in personnel, machinery and qualifications. We suggest you begin by participating in international fairs to showcase your product or service, feel the market, talk to other exhibitors, take your products, demonstrate your services, all this helps.

We hope these few tips will be useful for you if you plan to invest in foreign markets, sell overseas and own an international business.

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