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Simultaneous translation equipment Brazil

Simultaneous translation equipment Brazil; we rent this portable equipment  for small groups of up to 40 people. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, very modern and digital. It consists of up to  40 receivers and a transmitter for the interpreter. The receivers are charged in the case below.

You can contract our interpreters with the equipment, but you can also rent our equipment without the obligation of contracting interpreters.

This type of set up is perfect for smaller groups, where there is no need to set up a booth; the interpreter will sit quietly in a corner, while translating everything simultaneously in a very low voice. It provides a very professional service. We use this portable simultaneous translation equipment all over Brazil.

Check the rental rates per day with Vivian Haynes at or

After the Covid-19 pandemic we also started working remotely using different platforms such as Zoom, Interprenet and Kudo with huge success.

Simultaneous translation equipment Brazil

Simultaneous translation equipment Brazil

Virtual simultaneous translation Portuguese


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