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Audio Description Equipment Brazil; Audio description, or more precisely called a visual description, is a form of narration used to provide information surrounding key and important visual elements in a media work for the benefit of blind and visually impaired consumers. We have the perfect equipment for the  audio description of your event; it has 45 receivers and several transmitters,  it is modern, reliable and digital.

Audio description is an additional resource for visually impaired people to understand audiovisual content, such as films, plays and events; it is an additional narrative for people with visual, intellectual, dyslexic and even elderly people who are consumers of visual communication media, such as television, cinema, dance, opera and visual arts.

Audio description is a resource that translates images into words, allowing these people to better understand audiovisual content or static images, such as films, photographs, plays, among others.

The resource is aimed mostly at visually impaired audiences, but it can benefit audiences with other disabilities. It is usually used for cultural, educational and entertainment products and services, through the availability of descriptions in several ways, allowing for a broader access so that these products and services can reach everyone.

In social networks it is increasingly common to use hashtags such as #pracegover or #pratodosverem with image descriptions to make the internet more accessible.

Equipment for Audio Description Brazil

Equipment for Audio Description Brazil

Our portable equipment works perfectly for audio description; with 45 receivers and multiple transmitters, it is easy to use and set up. We always send a technician who is available to distribute the receivers and monitor the entire event from beginning to end. Call 11 9 9934 4647 to find out and rent our equipment. The rental of this equipment for audio description is based on a daily fee.

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